English Lavender essential oil is one of the safest essential oils. It is distilled from the flowers and leaves of lavandula angustifolia.

How to use English Lavender Essential oil

To help you sleep

Put a couple of drops on your pillow. You can also rub a couple of drops on your pulse points

Help you breathe

To relieve coughs and colds you should massage a couple of drops of oil onto your chest or massage a few drops of oil into the soles of your feet.

Help relieve stress and anxiety.

Rub a drop of oil on your temples, or the back of your neck

Relieve Headaches and Migraines

Rub a few drops of oil on your temples, or the back of your neck. You can also smell the oil from the bottle! And you could also use our  AROMATHERAPY HEADACHE SOOTHER

Soothe burns, scalds and sunburn

Gently apply neat lavender oil to affected areas.

Soothe swelling, itching and pain from insect bites and stings

Apply a drop of oil to affected areas. It brilliantly soothes bee stings after you have removed the sting.

To help prevent scarring

Gently rub a neat drop of  English lavender essential oil over scar tissue. English Lavender oil has antibiotic, antioxidant, and antiseptic properties. It may help prevent scarring by promoting cell and tissue growth.  Or use our brilliant RESTORATIVE BALM

Product sizes: 10 mL, 25 mL, 50 mL glass bottles with dropper.

Product storage: Keep away from direct sunlight.


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