Lavender Air Freshener imparts the fresh and welcoming fragrance of English Lavender into your home.  It works wonderfully to sweeten the air and neutralise smells. It is non toxic and natural – and it has a beautiful new label too!  Our room spray is very useful in bedrooms and bathrooms because lavender has calming and antiseptic qualities. If you have difficulty sleeping try our Pillow and Linen Spray

If you have any doubts about why you should only use natural air fresheners, read this article stating why chemical air fresheners are so bad for you :

How to use: Spray Lavender Air Freshener into the air. Allow the fragrance to settle over fabrics and carpets. An alternative is to use of superb Lavender Reed Diffuser Oil to keep your home naturally scented.

Product size: 125mL spray bottle and 250mL spray bottle. We also offer bulk packs of 6  which are discounted by 10 per cent.

Product Safety: Do not ingest. Keep away from eyes.

Ingredients: Purified Water. Peg 40. Castor Oil. Ethanol.  English Lavender Essential oil.