Different lavender cultivars flower at different times of the year.


In spring, from September to November,  Lavendula stoechas also known as French Lavender, Spanish Lavender or Butterfly Lavender, produces flowers in many colours including indigo, purple, pink and white.


Summer from late November through to the end of January, our Lavendula angustifolia or English lavender produces beautiful flowers in blues, whites, indigo, purples and pink. We harvest our lavender for both culinary and perfumery uses and distil our unique perfume oil from these special lavenders, making our showroom smell divine. Some stoechas are still flowering, plus some dentatas, in purple, blues and white. Our intermedias flower in summer too, putting on a fabulous display for several weeks. We gather and use the intermedias for both their flowers and for oil.


Autumn, from late February through to April, you’ll find Lavendula x Intermedia, Lavendula stoechas and Lavendula dentatas, showcasing soft blues and greys.


Winter, from April to June, you’ll find some Lavendula dentata, with lovely blue flowers and grey foliage, which look fabulous against a frosty landscape.