Lavender heat packs help relieve pain, joint & muscle stiffness and enhance your healing.  You can also chill them and use them as cold packs to help relieve pain and swelling from sprains or strains. And our superb  Tasmanian Tiger Balm will help relieve your pain too.

We make our lavender heat packs in a range of beautiful fabrics.  The photograph shows the pack folded in half.  Our Lavender Heat packs are filled with our organic fragrant lavender flowers and barley and are designed so that they distribute their warmth well and retain heat for longer. Check out our super specials on selected designs! 

How Do Heat Packs Help Relieve Pain and Stiffness?

  • Applying heat to an aching body part provides instant and effective relief from pain and stiffness as the heat stimulates your sensory receptors to block the transmission of pain signals to your brain.
  • Even if you suffer from chronic pain, heat packs can help relieve your discomfort and our lavender will help you relax.
  • The warmth  dilates the blood vessels surrounding  the painful area, bringing additional nutrients and oxygen to help heal damaged tissue and speed healing.

What’s the Advantage of  Lavender House Heat Packs?

  • Ready for use in under a minute.
  • We use strong but soft fabric. This allows the heat pack to be comfortably moulded to fit any area of your body and remain in position – ideal for curved areas such as your neck, knees and shoulders.
  • Long lasting natural lavender fragrance

How to Use Lavender Heat Packs

Remove all packaging before use.

  • To Heat Place heat pack in the centre of a microwave. Lay pack flat to evenly distribute the grain. Heat on high for 60 seconds. Turn over and heat for a further 60 seconds if desired. Do not heat for longer. Check temperature of the heat pack before placing on your skin.
  • To Cool To use as a cold compress, place the pack in a sealed plastic bag or freezer for 45 minutes.  Cold reduces blood flow, reducing swelling or pain, and is ideal for treating for sprains and strains.

Storage and Cleaning. Ensure the heat pack is completely cool and moisture free before storing in a cool dry place. Spot clean with a damp cloth and refresh with Pillow and Linen Spray

We also have eye pillows. These are available in a range of matching designs Lavender Eye Pillow