Lavender Neck and Back Pillow is a comfortable firm pillow containing our dried Tasmanian lavender flowers and polyester wadding. You can use it to support your neck or the small of your back so that the intricate structures in your head and neck are supported and to maintain alignment of your shoulders, neck and spine. This helps your body to relax and rest comfortably, so you wake up feeling refreshed.

Our pillow is available in a range of stunning cotton designs. You can easily remove the covers when they need to be washed.

How to use:

  • Whe sitting down you can use use the lavender neck and back pillow to support the small of your back.
  • At night rest your neck on the pillow, to support it, so that it helps you to have fragrant and restful sleep.
  • As you relax your body warmth and movements will release the naturally soothing aroma of  lavender and sweetly scent your surroundings.

The renowned therapeutic properties of lavender will nurture your mental, physical and emotional well being. It will help soothe stress and help you to relax and sleep.

Length:  Approximately 30cm – Width:  Approximately 45cm