SPECIAL OFFER – Treat yourself, or your friends, to a beautiful Lavender Larry Cuddle Bear and a Classic Lavender Sleep Balm for the amazing price of $49! Larry Lavender Cuddle Bear and Sleep Balm

Larry is more than just your cuddly friend.  Studies have shown that holding or stroking comfort objects, like Larry Lavender Cuddle Bear, can increase emotional well-being, anxiety and coping skills by triggering self-soothing behaviour.  Larry is made from quality soft lavender coloured fur fabric and filled with washable wadding. He has a zip on his back where you can add our fragrant sachet of Tasmanian lavender flowers for added relaxation.LARRY LAVENDER CUDDLE BEAR

Our Classic Lavender Sleep Balm is a natural balm containing English lavender oil and vetiver oil – known as the oil of tranquility – that will help you achieve a restful night’s sleep. Simply massage it into your temples or pulse points to experience its calming effects and wake up fully refreshed and ready for the day ahead. Sweet dreams! CLASSIC LAVENDER SLEEP BALM

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