Bug and Insect spray naturally deters insects, bugs and mosquitoes. It also relieves itching and helps heal insect bites and stings using an aromatherapy blend of essential oils.

We package Bug and Insect Spray in a sturdy lightweight aluminium pump container so that you can take it with you when exploring the Great Australian Outdoors. Our Bug and Insect spray is DEET free and environmentally friendly.

What is DEET? DEET is a chemical used in many bug and insect products. Use of DEET has caused severe skin reactions and neurological problems including seizures. This is why we use a natural approach.

How to use: Spray bug and insect spray on to skin. Do not spray in or near your eyes.

Product Details:  100mL and 200mL spray. Recyclable aluminium container.

Product Safety: Do not spray near eyes. Discontinue use if allergy develops.

Ingredients:  Ethanol. Purified Water. Hydrogenated Castor Oil. Glycerine. Pyrethrin extract.  Lavender. Clove. Black Pepper. Eucalyptus. Tea Tree. Sandalwood, and Ducane Kunzea essential oils

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