Lavender Clothing Protector is a wax block imbued with lavender, eucalyptus and natural camphor essential oils. These oils naturally deter moths and insects from damaging clothes and linen stored in cupboards and drawers. The wax block imparts a fresh lavender scent,  so that it also stops musty smells from damaging your precious clothes and linen.

What it is:  Our lavender clothing protector is contained in a designer cotton sachet. You can choose from a range of beautiful fabrics. We currently have – Purpetual Beauty, Flutter, Koala, Paisley, Daisy, Jewel and Diamond fabrics in stock.

The clothing protector has a handy eyelet, so you can hang the clothes protector in cupboards or hook onto a clothes hanger.

You can also put one in your under bed storage containers and in your luggage.

We use natural camphor, not naphthalene which is a petroleum derived synthetic camphor.

Size – 9x15cm



  • Domestic Customers: We can ship up to 5 kilograms of products for only $12 anywhere in Australia.
  • International Customers: We are now able to ship our products all over the world at competitive rates. Prices are based on the weight of the products you buy. The  freight cost is displayed when you enter your address at checkout. We put tracking on parcels are tracked so you can see their progress on their way to you.