Lavender Clothing Protector is a wax block imbued with essential oils. The oils naturally deter moths & insects from damaging clothes in cupboards and drawers. The wax block imparts a fresh lavender scent,  and prevent musty smells from damaging your precious clothes and linen.

What it is:  Our clothing protector consists of a wax block imbued with essential oils of lavender, eucalyptus and natural camphor. It is  contained in a pretty cotton sachet. You can choose from a range of beautiful fabrics.

It has a handy eyelet, so you can hang it in cupboards or hook onto a clothes hanger.

You can also put one in your under bed storage containers and in your luggage.

We use natural camphor, not naphthalene which is a petroleum derived synthetic camphor.

Size – 9x15cm

Shipping: We can ship up to 5 kg of products for only $12 throughout Australia.