Lavender Hand Sanitiser kills 99.9% of all germs and bacteria using lavender’s antibacterial and antiviral properties for extra protection. Unlike many other hand sanitisers our gel base will not dry out your hands. It leaves them clean and lightly scented with lavender. We make our hand sanitiser to World Health Organisation standards.

Why you should use Lavender Hand Sanitiser

  • Alcohol-based hand sanitisers help deter the spread of germs and illness-causing bacteria, particularly in busy places such as supermarkets, petrol pumps, schools and offices.
  • Stop the Spread of Germs:  Studies indicate that  1 in 5 people don’t regularly, or effectively wash their hands. Of those who do, 70% don’t use soap. If you provide hand sanitizer in key areas such as bathrooms and kitchens people will be more likely to use it. This will help kill harmful bacteria and decrease the risk of disease and infection.
  • Promote Good Hygiene and Health: This is especially important during the current Covid Outbreak.  One study in the American Journal of Infection Control (AJIC) found that encouraging the use of hand sanitisers in schools reduced absenteeism by almost 20%!

Keep the small 125 mL size in your bag or car for easy use at any time.  The 125 mL bottle has a lockable pump which you can refill from the larger size bottle.

Product Size: 125mL & 250mL sizes with easy pump action. We also offer bulk packs of 6 Lavender Hand Sanitiser which are discounted by 10 per cent

How to use: Pump a coin sized amount size of lavender hand sanitiser onto your palm.  Gently rub it in, paying attention to your palms, back of your hands, your fingers and thumbs and between your fingers. This ensures that the hand rub is absorbed so that your hands are dry and protected.

Product Safety. Do not ingest. Do not touch your eyes after use.

Active Ingredients: Ethanol 95. Hydrogen Peroxide 3%. Glycerine. Triethanolamine.   Essential Oil of Lavender

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